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Tramsen Media has been supporting SPIR STAR, one of Tramsen Media’s first clients, since 1994. Tramsen Media has always been a proficient and professional partner for online and print materials. They have given us valuable advice and support when redesigning our company presence. Our collaboration is based on trust and reliability, and the readiness to jointly create something new and unique. We look forward to more creative projects with Tramsen Media.

Eva Steiner
Sales & Marketing


SPIR STAR - corporate design for a high-tech business

Our contribution to the global leader’s corporate identity


We created SPIR STAR’s new corporate design. To modernise the logo, two curved lines were developed, expressing modernity and dynamics. For trademark reasons, the lettering of the company’s name was left unchanged.

Web presence

The company’s Internet presence was also adapted to suit the logo’s new, modern look and was equipped with a product database and an extranet for communication with traders. The website presents the company’s five head offices and is available in six languages.


The product database

The centrepiece of the website is the product database, which is maintained directly from SPIR STAR’s product management system. Since SPIR STAR’s product portfolio is not easily explained, we decided to create a number of subdivisions that make the products conveniently accessible. For every product, detailed information and datasheets can be downloaded. Products can be selected by placing them into a shopping cart and a request for quotation of the products in the cart can be sent to SPIR STAR via a simple click.


Another configuration tool for accessories is also developed.


New functions for proven products

Next came the technical updates. New functions were integrated into the global market leader’s new website and the design was brushed up to highlight the proven quality of the company's products with state-of-the-art methods.


Look and function combined to perfection

We integrated the newest technical features into the existing corporate design and adapted and rounded off the entire look of the company’s presence. The site now has a functional mega menu through which the clean, clear design reflects the site’s increased user-friendliness and maximum informational content. In addition, there is a complex configuration tool that allows users to easily search for the products they need. A detailed jQuery world map lets website visitors select their location, after which they are directly taken to the relevant sub-page.


eTiger has become even more powerful

To accommodate the specifications of the SPIR STAR® website, we added a number of functions to our flexible "eTiger" content management system. eTiger now has a more comfortable front-end language switch possibility and, after switching the language, the user still is on the page from which the switch took place. When developing the language switch feature, we of course placed special attention on the back-end functionality and ensured that maintenance of the CMS remains as simple and smart as it was before. 

Print media

It goes without saying that print media such as catalogues, letter paper etc. have to be consistent with the design of the website and the logo. The goal was a perfect match of all media.

A goal we achieved by designing modern, timeless brochures, websites, product catalogues etc. that work!


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Product database