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GfN and Selco - cosmetics with a colour

With our help, natural cosmetics can be looked at online now


GfN and Selco, based in Wald-Michelbach, are true nature experts. GfN is a manufacturer of pure natural extracts for the cosmetics industry, and Selco is a distributor of new and exclusive active ingredients for the cosmetics industry. Both companies were given a uniform corporate design in their media.


Web presence

We developed a naturally attractive image in plain yet striking colours consistent with the corporate colours of both cosmetics firms. As the company attaches great importance to the fact that it makes and sells natural cosmetics, a design consistent with that concept was developed and shows cute looking animals. The product finder makes it possible to quickly find what you are looking for and it offers an overview of all the important information regarding the respective product.


Product overviews and product portfolio


Owing to their properties, many different active substances and products have to be presented in a clearly structured manner. In order to make them easily accessible, we designed product overviews and a product portfolio. Now, anyone can quickly find the product they are looking for and they receive an overview of the whole product range.


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