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Opinion our customers


"We use the services of Tramsen Media for our business. A small and therefore very efffective team that quickly responds to our wishes concerning the network of network, stands by our side to provide advice and alsways inspires us with new ideas"

Thomas A. Böhme


Wersch Consulting

"I have come to know Tramsen Media as a very profidient and creative agency. Always helpful and very patient when solving whatever problem comes along. I definitely recommend them!"

Joachim Wersch

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+49 0621 121 82 560
eMail:   info@tramsen.de


Hot products - our solutions

Example of our work

It will be hot right here. Take a view at different projekts. We composed some interesting solutions at one page for you. 

spir star Internet Website Tramsen Media

SPIR STAR - marketing for a world market specialist

  • corporate design for international strategy
  • web presence with product configurator in four languages & megamenu
  • business stationery & brochures

Spir Star >>>


Community portal with tradition

  • community solution á la Facebook in Drupal
  • profile pages, calendar and picture gallery
  • family tree to view family history

Familie Röchling >>>


Corporate design to be heard

  • development of a new corporate design based on the existing
  • print media in a new look
  • Facebook design

DCIG >>>

GfN Selco Internet Website Tramsen Media

The innovative production configurator

  • website for international specialists
  • production configurator
  • print media

GFN Selco >>>

Lundbeck Dänemark Pharma Website Tramsen Media

International certification portal for doctors

  • eLearning solution
  • platform- independent online viewer for CT and MRT images
  • automatic sending of documents

Lundbeck >>>

Document management with reminder system

  • Approve-Manager for the management of approvement-prcess for critical facilities
  • with protocols for all activities
  • reminder system for all jobs

Meinhardt >>>

ofenloch und collegen anwälte

Innovative marketing for lawyers

  • corporate design with high recognition
  • website with "Look & Feel"
  • office stationery

Ofenloch & Collegen >>>

Abtsteinach Gemeinde Internet Website Tramsen Media

The mordern community on the Internet

  • website with numerous functions and modules
  • calendar of events
  • convenient to manage through the eTiger

Abtsteinach >>>

motoren baader Internet Website Tramsen Media

Strong web site for a strong partner

  • TYPO3 website with slider & vehicle gallery
  • Facebook fanpage with newsservice
  • Twitter shortcut

Motoren Baader >>>

Webdesign - galery

Individual design - modern technology

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Survivaltools for the marketing wild





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