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Moderne Technik muss her (z.B. responsive Website-Programmierung, Redesign, usw.)
Schnell, schnell, Content-Marketing, bevor alles zu spät ist (z.B. Newsletter, redaktionelle Inhalte, usw.)
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Online with pizzazz

Modern web design for your online presence

The Internet has firmly established itself in our society as a means of communication. For companies, this means phenomenal marketing opportunities, but also obligations that have to be fulfilled. Web design alone is not enough.

A web portal must be kept up-to-date. Clients expect current information and, if they are to return, a real benefit. This means that sufficient staff has to be available.

Our web design brings you a tailor-made Internet presence that precisely picks up on all you have to offer and everything you need. You can also elect individual module solutions such as news tickers, calendars or galleries, which round off the web design and make your Internet presence unique.

The graphical interfaces of a web presence are designed based on the fundamental functions of a website. Aspects of corporate design, usability (user-friendliness) and cognitive psychology flow into modern web design. Individuality versus standards - there is no general recipe for success.

A selection of modern web designs created by Tramsen Media:


When developing your web design our goal is to create a presence with which you as a client can feel 100% comfortable, while we ensure that it works and is successful with your own clients. The success of our clients is the best guarantee for long-term collaborations.

Come and see for yourself: Have a look at the numerous web designs we have developed for our clients. 


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What we can offer you:

  • XHTML-Standard (Requirement for barrier-free design)
  • Search engine friendly internet presence
  • Solutions with which you can identify

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