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Ein schönes Design wäre super (z.B. Website, Flyer, usw.)
Moderne Technik muss her (z.B. responsive Website-Programmierung, Redesign, usw.)
Schnell, schnell, Content-Marketing, bevor alles zu spät ist (z.B. Newsletter, redaktionelle Inhalte, usw.)
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Corporate Design

We give your corporate vision an identity

Your corporate design presents your business within the company and to the outside world. What matters is to create clear lines with a distinctive appearance, which can be used with various media. Depending on the target group and industry, we develop the optimal mixture of "modernity" and "timelessness” with our corporate designs.

Our philosophy when developing corporate designs is to follow the lead your company policy and philosophy set as guidelines. The unique corporate designs we create cover everything from company logo, to corresponding colours, typeface concepts and key visuals. The style guide we complete for you gives you a comprehensive and convenient overview of all design guidelines.

We compiled a few examples for you:

Logo, of course

We develop your logo for a perfect appearance

For optimal effectiveness, the style of the logo must reflect your product or company.

A consistent concept is essential for both a company’s logo and its corporate design.

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Key visuals

The visual key stimulus

Besides corporate design, logo development and logo design, Tramsen Media relies on a particularly attractive means of advertising that really catches the eye: the key visual.

This "key image" of your company leaves a lot of room for creativity and thus greatly increases your company’s recognition value. While a reduced design is usually paid attention to in the development of a logo, the key visual can be more grandiose. It can make full use its strengths to appeal to the viewer’s emotions, thereby lending your company that certain something and setting you clearly apart from your competitors.

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Consultation meeting

Non-binding and free of charge

We are at your dispoasal. Please feel free to contact us.



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