Wo drückt der Schuh?
Ein schönes Design wäre super (z.B. Website, Flyer, usw.)
Moderne Technik muss her (z.B. responsive Website-Programmierung, Redesign, usw.)
Schnell, schnell, Content-Marketing, bevor alles zu spät ist (z.B. Newsletter, redaktionelle Inhalte, usw.)
Machen Sie eigentlich auch…?
Einfach fragen, wenn’s geht, machen wir’s auch (Freie Texteingabe)







We are Tramsen Media

We provide proficient advice and professional assistance

Ulf Tramsen - Owner and jack of all trades

Ulf Tramsen

Owner and jack of all trades

"You cannot not communicate."

Paul Watzlawick

Project management

Kathrin Lenz - Executive Creative Director | Mediengestalterin Digital & Print

Kathrin Lenz

Executive Creative Director & Project manager
Media designer, digital and print

"Design is more than just a job.
It is a passion for communication."

Kathrin Lenz

Anna Sofronova - Projektmanagement

Anna Sofronova

Project manager

"Plans are nothing, but planning is everything."

Dwight D. Eisenhower


Farhad Zohari

Farhad Zohari

Media designer

"Simplicity is the highest form of refinement."

Leonardo da Vinci

Johanna Stöckl - Mediengestalterin Digital & Print

Johanna Stöckl

Apprentice media designer, digital and print


"Every person has his own way of being creative."

Johanna Stöckl

Programming & software development

Alexander Baum



"You recognize a great idea, when somebody steals it."

Gerhard Uhlenbruck

Eugen Dolzhykov

Eugen Dolzhykov


"The way is the goal, whoever is not on the way will never get the result."

Eugen Dolzhykov - inspired by Confucius

High quality level in Mannheim

What we can offer you:

  • XHTML-Standard (Requirement for barrier-free design)
  • Search engine friendly internet presence
  • Solutions with which you can identify

"Hotline" to Tramsen Media


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+49 0621 121 82 560
eMail:   info@tramsen.de